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About Nostos Village

Nostos: The word used by Homer in "Odyssey" to express Odysseus’ nostalgia for his home island. Nostos Village stretches from the top of a gently sloping hillside area with magnificent views of Skiathos coastline and the Aegean Sea down to a quiet and unspoiled sandy beach ideal for relaxing or swimming in crystal clear waters. Nostos features a beach taverna, beach bar, main bar and an outdoor pool. Surrounded by lush greenery and high pine trees, it offers accommodation in an unparalleled setting.

About Skiathos island

Skiathos is a spectacular island that belongs to the cluster of Sporades, in the district of Thessaly Greece. It’s a cosmopolitan destination with many interesting attractions.

Skiathos is only 46 sq km, but many people choose to return for their holidays year after year for the simple fact that it has amongst the best beaches of the Greek islands, magnificent nature and excellent cuisine.

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How Skiathos got its name

There are three myths that explain how the island got its name.

  • One of them mentions that the inhabitants of Skiathos were worshiping the god of fertility Dionysus, whose one of the cult names was “Skianthios”.
  • The other says that the name “Skiathos” comes of the shadow of Holy Mount Athos, because if someone climbed the mountain can see that the shadow is pointing towards the island.
  • The third (and most prestigious) explains that Skiathos was called by that name because of the shade (“skia” in Greek) of numerous trees and the suffix “-thos”, which indicates “place”.

Skiathos in a nutshell

skiathos old town

Skiathos Town: traditional Greek island taste.

skiathos beach nostos

Nostos Tzaneria Beach - Crystal clear waters.

lalaria beach skiathos

Lalaria beach in northern Skiathos.

skiathos bourtzi

Bourtzi: a small peninsula separating Skiathos port in two.